Redbarn Naturals Choppers Dog Treats
Redbarn Naturals Choppers Dog Treats
Redbarn Naturals Choppers Dog Treats
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Redbarn Naturals Choppers Dog Treats

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    Redbarn Beef Lung Choppers Dog Chew | All-natural high-protein low-fat Grain-Free, Highly Palatable treats sourced from Free-Range, Grass-Fed Cattle.

    • These single-ingredient chews are made from real, all-natural beef lung baked into a crunchy texture bursting with a meaty flavor.
    • We slow bake our premium beef chews in our ovens without any additives, gluten, grain, or preservatives.
    • Great for a range of chewers, Choppers help support dental hygiene by gently massaging gums and helping to scrape away tartar with each chomp.
    • Sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle, our beef lung comes from cattle ranchers in the USA, and it's made in our company-owned and operated manufacturing facility in Great Bend, Kansas.
    • Our manufacturing process is a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and handcrafted quality. Safety is our top priority. Our in-house quality assurance team performs more than 2,500 tests per month.


    Dried Beef Lung.